Pay Per Click (PPC)

64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking for a service or product online.

50% of people arriving at a retailer’s site from paid ads are more likely to buy than those who came from an organic link.

For a fast return on investment, you need to create a PPC campaign for your business. Thrive has expertise in creating campaigns in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other search engines.

Our PPC Management Services

Clients who use our PPC management services get the following…

Comprehensive Keyword Research :

We ensure you appear for the RIGHT searches by implementing thorough keyword research up front, and monitoring your campaign’s performance closely throughout.

Effective Ad Creation :

We work with you to produce the most effective and eye catching possible ads.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization :

If need be, we will create a landing page on your site tailored to receive the visitors that have clicked through from your PPC ads. This allows us the freedom to create a page specifically designed to sell, as opposed to serving the multiple other purposes your site was created for.

About Our Pay Per Click Reporting

You can see exactly how our efforts are increasing your online revenue with our custom reports and client dashboard:

You can check up on your site’s Google Analytics reports for an overview or minute details on your PPC performance.
Visit your client dashboard anytime and see how your site is ranking for specific keywords and search phrases.
Every month we’ll send you a highly detailed report that lists how we’ve spent our time working on your PPC campaign.
You can also contact your PPC specialist by phone or email if you want to discuss your PPC campaign strategy or have any questions.